Superalloys constitute a category that straddles the ferrous and nonferrous metals. Some of them are based on iron, whereas others are based on nickel and cobalt.

Do you know weld zones?

Schematic illustrations showing various microstructural zones that are typically found in welds made between a generic pure metal (on the right) and a generic alloy (on the left) using a fusion welding process (a) or a non-fusion welding process (b).

Role of Pourbaix diagrams in corrosion

In general, thermodynamics is an excellent starting point for many corrosion studies, and potential – pH diagrams are essential tools.

Do you know solidification of metals?

Pure Metals A pure metal solidifi es at a constant temperature equal to its freezing point, which is the same as its melting point. The melting points of pure metal are well known and documented.

X-ray production a brief history.

XRD is the experimental technique primarily used to determine the geometrical arrangement of the atoms or molecules within matter (crystal structure).

Notes of the Rietveld Method

The Rietveld method is a powerful to extracting detailed crystal structural information from X-ray and neutron powder diffraction data.

Principio y aplicaciones de la técnica XRF para PMI 

La fluorescencia de rayos X (XRF) para la identificación positiva de materiales o (PMI) es una técnica analítica no destructiva bien establecida de la espectroscopia de emisión de rayos X.