TrueX Family (Handheld)

Alloy Analyzer

The TrueX handheld alloy analyzer integrates the latest scientific innovations of LANScientific and is a powerful tool for metal material identification in the production process. It has the advantages of fast, high precision, portability, and other advantages. It can carry out on-site detection and rapid classification of large amounts of metal waste, providing users with rapid, efficient and accurate data information.

It is a powerful tool in quality control (QA/QC), material analysis (PMI), mixture identification, waste sorting (Recyling), Grade ID in steel smelting, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical refining, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical, electric power plant, aerospace and other industries.


Professional brand database

The product’s built-in brand database contains 380 kinds of alloy brands, which can solve the conversion problem of different countries’ brands in special industry applications. At the same time, users can customize the expansion of alloy brand library, can simultaneously analyze more than 600 kinds of alloy, alloy materials more than 10,000 kinds.

New net strength fitting method, super-FP algorithm enables users to accurately analyze metal material and element content without switching modes.

The whole testing process has no damage to the product, and the measurement can be carried out under various extreme environmental conditions such as high and low temperature, dust, dark and damp.

Professional management analysis software, can set up security password, output customized, personalized and with the company LOGO analysis report.

One-button operation, more convenient; The instrument is smaller and lighter, convenient for users to carry, and remote control of the instrument can be easily realized.